February 3, 2020

Seminar on Indian immigrant ‘Films’ organised for college faculty at GGN Khalsa College

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Ludhiana: GGN Khalsa College has taken the initiative to organise different activities for the growth of teachers in the campus. As a part of the initiative a seminar was organised in the meeting room of the college on Saturday afternoon. In seminar two short films made on you tube related to the Indian immigrants were shown to the teachers belonging to different streams. The session of movies lasted for more than half an hour, which was followed by discussion session over movies based on Punjabi’s moving rapidly to foreign countries mainly from the Punjab. The initiative of the seminar was taken by the Head of department, Malhotra under the aegis of GGNKC, Honorary Secretary, Dr SP Singh and principal, Dr Arvinder Singh in order to create some useful activity for college teachers.

The first movie depicts the Indian immigrants who earned the money at the cost of their family, and second movie depicts that the sole aim of youth of Punjab is just to get the permanent residency on foreign land. The session of discussion was started by the HOD Hindi department, Professor Rajinder Malhotra and HOD English department Dr. Sushminderjeet Kaur. As Dr Sushminder said, ‘Both the movies are totally contradictory in giving their message to youth. One show that NRI is very much attached to his routes and other movie shows that for the youth of today getting PR is ultimate goal of life.” Then the full fledge discussion started on pros and cons of Indian immigrants started in full swing.

Later, number of teachers participated in the discussion that includes Dr Gurpreet Singh, Professor Sharanjit Kaur, Dr Geeta Jalan, Dr Arvinder kaur, Dr Dalip Singh, Dr Gurpreet kaur, Dr Bhupinder Singh, Professor Harjinder Singh, Assistant Professor Harpreet Kaur, Professor Manisha, Professor Gurvinder Kaur, Professor Asha Rani and many others teachers of the college. There was contradiction over the views of various teachers on movies showed during the seminar. Number of viewers was in the favour of sending their children to foreign land by pointing discrepancies in the ruling and opposition government policies. Also the craze of youth to live an independent life away from parents on foreign land.

While others were in the favour of living in their own country against all odds and overcome those discrepancies by proving their point in front of the ruling government. It concludes with fact that everyone has to play its role in stopping the talented youth of Punjab to foreign land in the pretext of saving Punjab as in the years to come there would be no youngsters left in Punjab. The brainchild behind the seminar was HOD Hindi department, Professor Rajinder Malhotra. Talking about the initiative of seminar on showcasing the films to teachers, she told, “With the help of the management we have been able to organise this activity for teachers. We will organise such seminars and discussion sessions after every fifteen days. This time we have shown movies on Indian immigrants to discuss about changing scenario of India mainly Punjab.” She added that the main motive behind conducting the seminar was to create some interesting activity for the faculty of the GGN Khalsa College.

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